Thursday, March 22, 2012


It has been nearly three years since I wrote anything longer than a tweet.

I have a million excuses, and you, if you are reading this, constant reader, don't want to hear them.  However, I've stopped making them.  So we can forget them.

If you're interested in finding out what I used to have to say, you can find it all here, though I warn you it's just as puerile and juvenile as most of the rest of the internet, full of the same jokes, same tropes, and many of the same bogeymen.

I didn't know how to start writing again.  And so I put it off for a few days.  And then I realised that the only way to start was just to fucking start.  I have no clear direction here, but I thought I might offer a little description of what I intend to do.

As with every other blog on the 'net, this is my blog (which is not to say that the other blogs are mine, but that they belong to someone) and I get to do with it as I please (as I recognise that many other bloggers aren't allowed to do, and for them I play the world's smallest violin).

What pleases me, first of all, is two spaces after a period.  I'm old school that way.  If that typographical quirk bothers you, keep on clickin', and find someone who learned to type on a computer keyboard.  I also like the oxford comma, know how to properly use a semicolon, and have a thing for the proper use of the apostrophe.  I used to be an English teacher.

Also what pleases me is reading and writing about politics.  Like many, I get angry by the antics of the right (and occasionally of the left), and I will ridicule them mercilessly for their ideas.  I try to avoid ad hominem attacks, but occasionally I slip.  Feel free to take me to task.

I am also pleased by my children (and just as often displeased), and I have a lot to say about them, what they've done for me (and to me), and how things have changed because of them.  When I last blogged, wee Mickie was two and an only child.  We now have a matching set, so if we get divorced, we can each have one.

I am usually displeased by religion, and therefore pleased to mock the faith of others.  Again, I try not to mock those of faith, but their beliefs are fair game.  One of McKenzie's laws is that "There is no such thing as blasphemy." (The other laws are that the quality of a movie is usually inversely proportional to the number of credited screenwriters, and a corollary of Godwin's law, that in any discussion of politics, the "conservative" will call the "liberal" a name--commie, pinko, glowtard, tree-hugger, feminazi, etc.--usually before the liberal will result to name-calling.)

I like sex.  Most people do, but I also like reading, thinking, talking, listening to podcasts, and now writing about it.  This blog will not be pornographic, but will occasionally be adult.

And finally, it pleases me to talk about movies, books, music, podcasts, television, occasionally video games, and popular culture in general.

So that's what you can expect.  Welcome, and thank you.  I hope you enjoy hearing my voice in your head.  I'm sure it will find plenty of company in there.

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